Testimonials and referrals for the effective work of Monika Wyss 

(Body code, emotion code, coaching and Family Constellation work)


In 2013, I heard someone in a bus mentioned family constellation.  This 2 words stirred up my curiosity.  I went back home, searched in the internet for  Family Constellation Malaysia and the Universe brought me to you in Golden Space.
After attending the first FC workshop, I knew I will be one of the first few to  sign up for this one year course. There is something magical and mysterious that pulls me here.  The phrase FC is healing at  soul level and  at the ancestral level is like a magnetic pull. Perhaps this magnetic pull comes from my ancestors that was excluded and  wants to bring to my attention that somewhere along the line something is not right.    I never believe in ancestors before this.  I am glad to say that  FC really opened my eyes and heart to acknowledge my passed on grandparents, great grandparents and  ancestors.   I realized without roots, I will have no wings.
Many a times, I find myself having huge release during the workshops which I find difficult to cry at normal times.   I find it extremely  difficult to express and share my problems  with anyone, what more in a group.  But, the  FC family provided me  a safe environment and I am a little more open to share compared to years back.   A million thanks to you, beloved Monika and the 15 of us for the constant support and encouragement.
One of my biggest challenge is my relationship with my father.  After 1 year in FC workshops, I see a huge shifts in my father and in me.  Anger has been always a big issue for both of us.  I am more aware and conscious of this anger and has subside alot more now.   I am  more calm at home and not so easily triggered compared to before.
For the Bali workshop, I hope  can  run my own race gracefully and be who I am.
I put out my intention to serve and to help. How?  I really don’t know.
I congratulate you for having a  new centre, in a new positive environment with like minded people.   Congratulations and Well done and May the Universe bless you richly!
Thank you again for guiding me and be my light.
With much honour, respect,  gratitude and love I wish you all the best in your new centre.
Yours sincerely,
Seow Pen


Geke Boersma:


During the review and re-reading, a clearer picture came up to my mind regarding to FC training course. It can be called inner and outer journey I have taken during nearly 1 year time with FC. Please take it as my testimonial.
Inner journey: through the personal constellations I took as the client – it could be called purification journey- when I got chances to see, feel and clean up many problems and inner-conflicts. I felt clearly that I was a part of the issues of the families from both my mother and father sides as well as my own created problems. It’s not only about the appealing of the unspoken issues but also the resolution coming up with the love and the spirit. The journey helped me to know the root cause and how much I lost my confidence and self-love. Besides, I could not exclude the problem which is not-work-out relationship with my ex-bf. It was one of the problem I have been hardly working out physically and emotionally. At this moment when writing these words, I’m feeling like I’ve come back to see myself again who is confident, cheerful and lively.  I’m glad to see myself different from me of the beginning of the course with such shifts. There is so much light and love is on the way to come. Looking back to the beginning of the course when I decided to take 1 year course, I would say, within me I have almost achieved the target set up for FC course.
Outer journey: There was one morning, when I was brushing my teeth and thinking of FC 3-hour-workshop, I realized that the outer journey has just bit by bit slowly started as the FC facilitator. The outer journey starts means when I have been cleaned up the blockages as I wished and be ready to come out for helping and doing the family constellation work in order to help people. I could not help people while I still have blockages and problems. It’s not been cleaned up 100% but the I would say the progress is positive and the changes are coming. Before, I took all my ears to listen the problem from others without any tool in hand to find the resolutions for them. Now, I can link these problems with FC work in the way I would able to offer them a chance to see what it is for them. FC makes sense and works in the level of Soul and Spirit starting with me, and surely with people.
Love and Light,
Ngan, Vietnam


Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa:


I was introduced to Monika when I was looking for a solution to help my mom deal with her emotions. It was a great chance for me to fully participate in a 3-day workshop in KL. I was treated as a student like the other students who attended. I was given a chance to present my case and answer a few personal questions Monika asked. Every moment I spent in the workshop brought some new and meaningful insight to me. I went in with no expectations but what I experienced was really touching. The methods applied increased my awareness, or in other words, gave me a clearer view about the concerns that I wanted to work on specifically with my mother’s emotions, and also supported me in confidently making my own decisions.  The session also helped me to clear out any pre-conceived ideas that I already had in my mind and to open & embrace what is happening here and now. It requires courage and braveness to use this method, as once our concerns are revealed it could be something that we don’t really want to face or are not ready to deal with. But once we DO face it, we can change ourselves and the whole world!

Lan, Vietnam


Dear Monika,

Thank you again for your amazing service. I was stunned before (with my son) and am amazed now with the results on myself.  I had many revealing dreams in the past days and one of them was to pursue this topic of healing through the subconscious mind and releasing trapped emotions. I always look for ways to help others and all my learnings and services that I offer today come from very deeply changing experiences I had with the topic like the Feng Shui.
You have not only helped me but also enlightened my next step.
You are my inspiration.

Greetings and forever thankful.
Katia, Shanghai


Family Constellations was indeed a great experience. At the beginning of the workshop I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew I was there for something amazing, and it was.

Throughout the day I couldn’t think of any situation or problem that I had that needed to be resolved, as I am constantly working on “internal healing”. However there was one thought that came to my mind and I realized that of all the healing I’ve done I have never worked in this particular area before, so I gave it a go and decided to work on my non-existent relation with my father. During my constellation different situations, that I wasn’t conscious, came up. It was amazing to see how my family was represented by people who were not aware of my family dynamics and still performing as my family does. Monika steered the constellation very calmly, professionally and drove the constellation to a “happy ending”; within 3 days I received a lovely email from dad saying how much he loves and misses me. These words felt as ahealing balm…What it took him 43 years to say, it was said in 3 days after the constellation. Not only that but after Family constellation workshop I’ve seen many doors, openning.

I truly recommend Family Constellations to everyone; we all have something to work on. Thank you Monika for this incredible experience.

S Smith



I wanted to thank you for your help.
Before I visited you, I was feeling sad; a heavy burden was consuming my energy at all levels. Although, I’m still amid this challenging experience, I now look at it from another perspective.
Some things you told me that helped me make to “wake up:”
– you showed love, compassion and understanding for my actions, even the wrong ones; I had been carrying that load of guilt for 10 years. I was expecting someone to judge me and tell me I was a bad person for the mistakes I had made but you did the opposite.
– you created in me the awareness that I have now new tools and support to avoid going back to a dark places. I was so fearful; and you “opened” my eyes to embrace the experiences with no expectations.
– you helped me to accept the fact that regardless of what happen, I will embrace this experience as a growing opportunity.

I also valued a few more things:
– your patience to bare with my endless analytical questions, on a Friday night before a long weekend.
– the fact you said I can count with you here and for giving me a big hug.
– the presence of your dog; Maxine. Something “magical” happened out there when she looked at me. I’m still wondering “who” was behind that look.
I’m grateful to all my angels who guided me to you. Oran has helped me to recover physical strength … and he referred me to you to complement the blessing.
Thanks again for all you do to help others. Will keep you posted on my progress.

~Jennifer, Kuala Lumpur 2014


Hi Monika,

After the Emotion Code session with you I feel much more calm and I don’t have hateful  feeling towards my mother anymore.  My emotions are in control and it seems like my quick temper has gone.  I used to have an active mind but now it slowing down so I feel more relaxed. 

Currently I practise EC with my 10 year old son.  We have released a few trapped emotions.   For the muscle test, after releasing the emotions trapped I am more confident doing it and I can feel my intuition.

Thanks a lot.  I plan to have another session with you.  :)

~Anonymous in Malaysia, 2014


I have known Monika Wyss for around 4 years and I have attended in that time many of her incredibly powerful Family Constellation sessions that allow you to break free of limiting beliefs around your success or emotions. Monika is an incredibly gifted and huge-hearted professional who knows her work intimately.

Recently I bumped into Monika and noted that she was conducting sessions with a system called the body code or emotion code and upon further investigation came to find out that this system she was practicing focused on releasing negative trapped emotions and therefore pain and discomfort from the body.

At this juncture its important to note that I have a core belief and have researched and proven to myself countless times the fact that all disease, pain or physical ailments are all derived from trapped emotions and beliefs which I have not released.

Interestingly and shortly after discovering that Monika was practicing the body code I developed what can only be described as a searing pain in my right arm that could only be likened to deep nerve pain or what I feel it would be like if I was experiencing a heart attack or stroke. The pain was severe and was an 11 out of 10 on a pain scale and frankly scared me silly.

After taking a precaution and having my heart checked and being checked for stroke within the medical system, I made an appointment with Monika. When I visited Monika I had been experiencing the pain continuously for over a week and it was not getting any better. What appealed to me about this session with Monika was that it was a very simple process and involved nothing but questions using kinesiology and a magnet to help facilitate the release of the emotions.

After an intensive 1 hour session and much releasing (I can generally feel emotional releases through a physical transformation of my body) my arm had halved in its intensity and after a further 12 – 18 hours the pain had all but vanished. The process was so simple and yet so effective. All I had to was sit in a chair and have Monika ask not so much me but my body very simple and clear questions to allow my body to respond yes or no, once an issue was discovered a simple rolling of the magnet was all that was required to release the trapped emotion.

I love sessions that are simple and effective and Monika combined with the Emotion / body code is as simple and as effective as it gets. Her work is powerful and I always have positive powerful results from working with her.

I cannot recommend Monika Wyss highly enough and urge you to try her in order to help you maintain a positive vibrant life.

~ Darcy, KL 2014, Body Code Client




One parent whose little boy had issues coughing throughout the night for a year:
After releasing a few trapped emotions (one of them absorbed from his teacher at kindergarden) and other imbalances in his body this is the outcome.  A few days after the Body Code session, my son hasn’t coughed again at night. Yesterday he spontaneously said he wants to go to school today. I never touched this topic with him and he said: “I will never say again that I don’t want to go to school!!”  One night he turned to me and said before going to bed: mom, I am very happy. Now you can also be happy because I am happy. 
 It is really crazy!!!
 I am happy to have met you Monika.
~ K.S., China, Body Code Client



“During the 20 years I have been doing personal growth work, I have found Monika Wyss to be one of the most professional and supportive facilitators I have ever met. (I have known Monika for almost 5 years now).

I recently experienced some ‘Body Code’ sessions with her and found them to be awesome! The Body Code technique is simple, yet very comprehensive and detailed. I love muscle testing as it is getting answers directly from your own body. The Body Code seems to cover almost anything that could be wrong with the body and includes many styles of healing – all combined into one simple and effective technique using muscle testing, and then clearing it all on the spot!

3 months prior to seeing Monika I had moved into a new home and the noise from the traffic was loud, constant and bothering me. During my first session we released an ‘oversensitivity to noise’ and from then onwards, I have slept much better and the noise doesn’t bother me at all anymore! In fact, often I can’t even hear it whereas before it was driving me crazy no matter how much I tried to relax and ignore it. I also had a skin problem where my skin would blister if I wore a bandaid for more than a few hours. That is gone. We released some blockages from around my heart and I definitely feel more open and loving towards my family.

Seeing Monika has been great. Even though I was already very healthy, we found a lot of things to release and I have definitely noticed positive changes. Monika is gentle, loving and effective and I would highly recommend her services of Body Code, Emotion Code or Family Constellations to anyone and everyone.”

~Chrissy Steinhardt, Aussie living in KL, January 2014, Body Code Client



“I feel very happy because this is one of the heart to heart workshops.”

~ S. Rajandra, 



“It was totally worth my time, effort and all to come to this 2-days workshop. Totally worth it. I never expect that I receive so many tools, gifts and friends from this workshop. Thank you for everything. I really love and enjoyed these 2 days.”

~ Jency, Singapore



“The facilitators Monika and Siti were wonderful, generous of Spirit, so safe and non judgmental and so loving. So open and their passion and exuberance for the knowledge being shared is SO inspiring. 2 beautiful souls. You held a lovely space for us. Gently healing and connecting to my inner self as well as my inner dynamics.”

~ Farah



I attended my first Family Constellation in 2011 and it gave not only a truthful insight to what was happening within my own families dynamic, but also a truthful insight to why I was experiencing some issues in my life.  While it was no secret that my mother was an alcoholic and severely depressed, the Family Constellation provided a safe space to look into the effects this has caused on my sisters and I.

While I had no expectation of the Constellation having any healing effect on my mother, it did just that.  A year later I received an email from her~ a happy email.  It was the first in a long series where my mother was happy.  All my life she hadn’t any friends to socialize with, and the email revealed her new-found social life.  Most of my life she had succumbed to depression and alcoholism, which seemed to be eradicated as my mother wrote about her new experiences and lease on Life.  Thrilled, I read on.  She began exercising and eating healthy again, and began fully supporting herself financially (something that hasn’t happened since before my father and my mother were married.)

Before, my sisters and I would worry about my mother and the state she was in, and now we rejoice in our mother’s happiness, peace and serenity.  Just knowing that my mother is OK was and still is a huge burden off our families’ shoulders.  We no longer dread and worry if she is OK or if she is going to ‘go off the deep end.’  She is happy and at peace; what more could a daughter ask for?

I highly recommend the Family Constellation method and also Monika Wyss as a facilitator.  Not only has it brought huge changes to my life and family, but it has given me hope that families CAN be happy and at peace with each other.  This has huge affects on ALL areas of life including health, wealth, career and relationships.  I am forever grateful that I had an opportunity to attend a few of Monika’s Family Constellations~ I am still enjoying the benefits and relief to this day.

Jana Moreno, April 2012, Family Constellation Client and Student



Monika, before I get to know you, I didn’t know that I am amazing, after I had meet u I know I am more & more comfortable with myself, more confident day by day, i am awesome that is because i have a marvellous teacher Monika. I really appreciate you come into my life give me encourage. No words can describe my heart thank to you. Wish you have a lovely & wonderful day.  ~Angela, Singapore, April 2012




What started as a very stressful week ended with greater clarity in my mind and peace in my heart, thanks to Monika. After my first private session, I asked for a second family constellation in the same week to help resolve a separate issue. With her help, I no longer feel anxious and overwhelmed about my career, but am more joyfully focused on the work that fulfills me. I am experiencing more understanding and openness among family members, and I personally feel freer to love and accept myself, others and the things I enjoy. This is a tremendous transformation in a short time. I am glad to have found Monika and her work at precisely the time it was needed. Monika is a knowledgeable professional in her field with a wonderfully warm and open nature. I would recommend her and her work to even my closest friends and family.

~Jaclyn, Bangkok, September 2011



I am Janis. I feel grateful for Monika’s help and her wonderful Family Constellation works and Life-Coaching sessions. I feel very happy as my dreams had come true. One month ago, I participated in the Elite Mrs. Singapore Contest 2011. Before that, I was lack of confidence, felt lonely and sad throughout the whole Contest. These were conditions that i had since my childhood whenever I had examinations or contests, whereby during the events, initially I felt excited but then followed by sadness (fear) and wanted to pull out from the examinations or contests.  After attending Monika’s healing sessions, I regained my confidence. As a more complete self, the amazing results was I win the title “Elite Mrs Singapore 2011 People’s Choice”. I would like to express my sincere thanks and love to Monika. Wish you all the best!

~Janis Lee, Singapore, July 2011



Monika is a great life coach. My life has improved tremendously with miraculous changes after attended her Family Constellation workshop and Life Coaching sessions since January 2011. I was greatly enlightened by her insightful, wisdomic coachings, and had had greater understanding of my LIFE PURPOSES, and HOW TO TRULY LOVE MYSELF from spiritual aspects. There is nobody out there except for self. If you are ready to heal your life and clear the road blocks for betterment, Monika would be the LIFE CAPTAIN highly recommended to you to guide you through your life journey.

~Zen, Singapore




I must say it was the kind of retreat that I have experienced 1st time. For me, it was so different from other 4 days, 7 days workshops that I have been attending last time. Even though it was a retreat, I have let go so much past pain and memories and gained new insights and so much awareness in my situation of which I have bought back with me!

I have enjoyed being dressed in causal clothes and sitting in relaxed settings , all making me feel easy, open up and ready for more changes in my life. Of course, at times, which is my own process, I did feel rejected by someone, scared and fearful, and this was due to the good energy of the retreat that was able to bring all these hidden feelings to the surface and let me release and heal it.

Not forgetting to mention the beach as well.  From the colouring of my Madalas, Monika saw there was still some anger in me on the outer circle, so she suggested  to release it, and one way is screaming at the beach. So I did it on the last day before I left for my coach. I went to the beach, feeling shy, I was looking around to make sure no one sees me but soon realised that it was not possible as there were couples sitting on the beach. No choice but having new found courage in life from the retreat, I just blocked them away and started to scream into the sea…. and my god, immediately, I  felt so good which you can never imagine!! I could feel my anger and stress letting go and I couldn’t bear to leave the beach until I had another 4 – 5 rounds of screaming, haha! This will not be my last time doing it!!!

The experience from the singing bowls was totally unique, I gained understanding that my throat and base chakras were the most difficult ones on raising the vibration, which gave me good insights of where I am  now and what I can further improve. I have also gained new different view and shifts of what is happening in my family after my family constellation being done. Wasn’t that amazing!

Even when I came back to Singapore, I still see a content shift and new awareness in my everyday life after the retreat!!!!

I am feeling more centred, more peaceful, more loved  and I love myself more all the time wherever I go!! I am really glad that I did make a good decision to attend this retreat, no regrets. It was worth it!

Lastly, I would loved to share what I see, Monika and Peter are really passionate and sincere in what they are doing and I enjoyed feeling their bonding as a couple, so sweet and I really enjoyed the whole process of the retreat with them and with my classmates, thank you all of you!!

~Jency Chan, June 2011




Thanks for the wonderful workshop which helped me to heal my inner child n let go of my past hurts. Your beautiful delivery and compassion allow me to go in deep where previously I couldn’t. Looking forward to seeing u again.

Swee Lay, Love & gratitude, June 2011




Dear Monika

You do a marvelous job, you have the power and knowledge to help and heal the people with family constellation. I wish that more and more people will do a constellation, to solve their problems in their life’s. It’s not easy to explain what a constellation is, so go and check it out.

Good luck and thank you so much Monika; you helped me to release many issues and get round and happy.

~Manu, KL Jan2011




I attended Monika’s Family Constellation 2 days workshop in Oct 2010 after both my wife, Steffenie and a dear friend, Ms Veronica Lim recommend me to. I went a skeptical mind but Monika has showed and directed me to the blind spots in my life. She is just like a chiropractic doctor whom helps me to lead everything back to their rightful position. 2nd week after the workshop, miracles started to happen in my life, career, finance and even relationship with my wife. Areas that have been struck with many unknown have been cleared.

After the 1st workshop in Oct 2010, both my wife and I have started to embark on the journey together with Monika and few good friends. I will recommend anyone to embark on this journey together with us as you will start to see many things being unfold in front of you and life will get better as long you are willing to look at it.

Nick Sim, Business Owner, Media Personality, Singapore




Monika, your workshop blew me away! I thought I have done much of this work but you guided me to bring up “stuff” I had never considered before. Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me to see, release and grow. I feel so good about me, my situation and future abundance. I love too the extras touches that made your workshop so special.

~Lea from New Zealand, March 2011




Monika’s joy is contagious. She captures your heart and gently redirects thoughts and old patterns. Her imagery is absolutely brilliant and her voice is tremendously soothing. Monika is a true guiding angel.

~Justine from Sydney, March 2011




Great presentation Monika! Perfect! You really helped me to learn how to visualize and I will use your “water glass” everyday! Your workshop showed me how to change my beliefs and release the old, negative beliefs that belonged to my family. I now believe in abundance and prosperity!

~Susie from Australia, March 2011




Wow Monika, that was fantastic, I now accept all the abundance of the Universe. You are such an inspiration and bless you for entering my life and helping me to be all that I am. Lots of love xoxo

~Leeanne from Victoria, Australia, March 2011




Just want to say how thankful I am to be there at the 2-Days Family Constellation workshop. It’s indeed God’s powerful appointment that I was called to answer. You are indeed a life-saver. I am kept alive because of you. Family Constellation gave me hope once again. I am able to see light ahead once more. I am definitely feeling lighter and stronger. Thank you so much.

~(J.M. Singapore, 2010)




Family Constellation work is one of the most amazing healing processes I have ever witnessed – and I have witnessed a lot! Just by observing this powerful work, you can see the incredible amount of healing that is being done not just on one person, but on generations of people. My husband and I are both blown away by how profound, yet how simple this work is; and by how powerful a facilitator you are Monica. Your presence, strength, compassion and skill in conducting this work is enormous and you have certainly earned our respect as an exceptional facilitator.

The work is hard to describe – the best advice I can give is “Just go and check it out for yourself!” It is one of those things that everyone can benefit from and you really need to see it to believe it! The work – I believe after both witnessing and experiencing it – creates powerful healing for not only ourselves, but also for our whole families, for the population and the planet as a whole.

If you have not yet witnessed a constellation or if there is any area of your life you would like to improve, then do yourself a favour and book in with Monica for the next workshop.

Thank you Monika for doing this work, you are an incredibly gifted facilitator

~Chrissy Steinhardt, 1st December 2009




Family constellation sessions revealed things that I did not know on a conscious level; it was such a great relief when those issues were healed and I felt so much lighter. Most of all, I feel complete – there is no need to get more things, more money, a better half, etc, to complete me. And yes, Monika is a great facilitator; she is loving, open, accepting, warm and patient, and has such an ability to make on feel comfortable and safe.”

~Bernice, KL, Jan 2010.