Family Constellation & Transformation Coach Certification Course Testimonials

“It has been my dream to one day be able to share my experience and knowledge in facilitating Family Constellation. The time has arrived.” Monika Wyss

The Family Constellation & Transformation Coach Certification Course 2012/2013 course has been completed with a celebration of learning for one week in Bali in a unique resort. See the testimonials of the participants:


Monika’s wellspring of knowledge and love for her work shines through in the people whose lives she has touched. The depth of her work is compelling and profound. Within two sessions, I had decided to follow in her footsteps and include Family Constellation in my career. Attending her training has brought me greater understanding of my self, relationships, and direction. I have witnessed life-enhancing transformations within myself as well as among my peers through Monika’s mentorship. I recommend her services to anyone willing to invite more harmony and feel more balanced and at peace in every aspect of their lives. ~ Jaclyn, Bangkok


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When I was confronted with Family Constellation for the first time I honestly did not believe a word I heard. Monika Wyss a good friend of mine had asked me to come to her first workshops while she was still learning it in Switzerland, as she needed participants to practice. Being a friend I went, strongly disbelieving that anything will come out of it. It took me exactly one of these practice sessions to change my belief and thereafter with more workshops my personal live and my relationships with others. Whenever I could, I attended her workshops and I also had some constellations myself. Last year in January she offered her first training course, called the Family Constellation and Transformation Coach Certification Course. I was not convinced that it was for me, since I had no desire to work as a Family Constellation Facilitator, but curiosity took over and I attended most of those 4-day workshops and the final week in Bali. Apart from learning the method of FC we also received many tools in form of different techniques, which one can use on a daily basis, to face the challenges of life in a confident and constructive manner. It also benefits one’s profession, the insights gained through the workshops and the course can assist in our daily lives with customers, clients and colleagues.

It was and is truly an experience, which I do not want to miss and I will continue to attend the workshops. I know for a fact that it has brought positive changes to my life, my family, and those of many others who attended FC-Sessions and I hope that many more will have the opportunity to experience FC and the transformations.

Monika, apart from being a dear friend, and her husband Peter are genuine in their work, knowledgeable, understanding, trustworthy and extremely patient! To be a facilitator and teacher is challenging and I have to learn a lot more, before I reach their level as Facilitator and Coach. February 2013 MS


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It was such an honor to be a part of Monika’s Family Constellation Certification Course in Kuala Lumpur for the year of 2012.  Not only did I learn about Family Constellation, but in doing so I learned more about myself, specific issues I was facing at the time, and most importantly, how to rectify them via acknowledging what is.

In the beginning of the course, I felt a little awkward.  Most of the people that attended I didn’t know very well, but over time I felt a deep bond form between us. Now I see them as some of my very close friends and can’t imagine FC without them.  The course, aside from being enlightening and unforgettable, was nothing short of amazing.  We laughed together, cried together and were there for each other all while learning the wonderful work Bert Hellinger founded.

The last module of the course was held as a retreat in beautiful Bali~ I will never forget it.  We would all jokingly sit around the table and muse about joining the next FC course Monika would hold.  We were very different from when we first met at the beginning of the course:  more grounded, more light-hearted, and without the troubles we were perhaps experiencing when we first started in January 2012.

I myself saw massive shifts in my personal and professional life throughout the course.  This includes shifts in my relationship with my young daughter, massive changes and improvements in my business and financial life, and watching many so-called ‘HUGE’ problems in my life dissolve into little obstacles almost over night.  It was not only an amazing experience, but a life-changing course as well.  I thank Monika from the bottom of my heart for teaching me the wonders of Family Constellation.  I highly recommend this for anyone looking to understand themselves, others and their lives better, for those who would like to see the bigger picture behind unwanted circumstances in their lives, and of course for those who want to become a Family Constellation Facilitator.  What a wonderful experience that now, I too, can share with the world. Jana, K.L.


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It looks like Monika Wyss was born for doing the Job as a Family Constellation Facilitator.

Her knowledge coupled with Empathy and honest interests of searching for a solution during a constellation is unique. I saw already Facilitator working, they were good in doing their job, but Monika Wyss is really ‘made’ for doing that kind of Job and I can explain why:

She finds words in this difficult kind of job, where it is not always easy to find words.

She express everything with silence and let every client be as he/she is, without judgment anything or anybody during a session, everybody can feel her deep love to the client and her work.

What is so important for a representative/client in that kind of work is, that you feel safe around her, you feel like: ‘she can handle everything, she knows also everything’.

Her power and force is adorable. She feels responsible for everybody and never give up, until she feel that the solution is perfect for the client or representative without to try to influence a solution.

She guides everybody with so much sensitiveness and even strength and never influences the client or representative. She respects every single soul/human being during her work.

I also want to mention, that she is very grounded, means very down on earth.

I can highly recommend her, not because I was her student, also because I was a client at the beginning and I didn’t know her at that point of time.

Blessings for her, may she get back, what she did for others already.  Manuela, K.L.


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Self-reflection after experiencing being in a role by Yuen Li –  student of FC-TC course:

I stood in the Family Constellation circle and tried to keep my mind blank and to open myself to feeling whatever came. There was another representative in front of me, on the other end of the circle

No emotions came up and all I could feel was a slight energy, which made me move very slightly. It was only the slightest, most subtle of energies and I had to concentrate quite hard to feel which direction it took me. And then I could feel that the direction was..  slowly… distinctly…  forward.

It was almost excruciating. The sensation in my body of a pull in that almost felt like a push. It was an inching forward with only my toes creeping in that direction. I could only feel the physical sensation of being drawn forward with slow steps. It was close to being painful to move but there was no denying the direction towards the other representative. Slowly. Very slowly. Step. By step.

My emotions were blank. But then quite suddenly, in the slow but astonishing way the dawn sun breaks across a dark landscape, it came to me when I looked deep into the eyes of the other representative, the words “I am yours”. The words came to me like a slow whisper, the soft dawn wind that softly stirs only the the very tips of the most sensitive trees. Like early morning light which make black nothingness slowly take grey shape, and then deepen with color and texture to become solid form.

I am yours. I am yours. I am yours.

The last of those words burst out in my head like a startled flock of birds flying off into the air. I could feel the sensation of that emotion taking flight in me. The heavy beating sound of wings flying off in many directions. Startling, powerful, lifting.

And then crowding into that empty space, a flash of many thoughts and questions tumbling into a mass of explanations, justifications and excuses. What? How? When? Why? Questions and thoughts and reasons. But I somehow knew those were just distractions, because when I looked deep into the eyes of the other, I could feel…

… I am yours. I am yours. I am yours. And in that moment, I also knew the complete passion and pain of that.

I folded into the arms of the other representative. Every inch of my skin wanted the contact and reassurance. I felt her shiver to the very core of her soul, her teeth chattering, every muscle and fiber in her body in tension.

And my heart felt the bright burning heat of true emotion. Pain and passion. Passion and pain. I am yours. You are mine.

I reveled in the glorious moment that I had to feel this. This short moment of stillness that came to me in the vast passage of time. As the earth spun in its relentless passage, we had this treasured piece of time to feel and be still. We were the still and immobile axis around which the universe spun in its great vortex.

And when that bright flame burnt out to soft embers, I marveled at the truth of this discovery. The truth for me in my own life, outside the role of representative. And I thought about how proud I had been all those time when I came to a heart-stopping realization with the words “I love you”, and I thought how different it is on so many levels to say “I am yours”. And I thought, with wonder, how those were the very words I needed in my life now.