About me


I was born in Poland in 1971 as the only child to my parents. My childhood was not what I would have dreamed of. It was filled with fear, low self-esteem and tears. My parents did the best they could regarding their own expertise, childhood and outer circumstances, and I am grateful for that.  But it did not help my self-esteem and self-confidence.


Living in Eastern Europe at that point in time was an interesting experience: empty shelves in supermarkets, no toilet paper unless we collected enough newspapers to barter trade and at the same time, wonderful friendships and lots, and lots of Vodka. Yes, alcohol was a constant presence in my home and so were arguments. I was a scared, shy girl who often retreated into her own little world. I felt different from everyone else in the school. I didn’t have many friends, or better said, I only had one friend and I was very jealous when she turned to other friends. It didn’t help my self-esteem.


At the age of 16, I started reading books like “Life after Life,” and “Life after Death,” and played around with I-Ching. From an early age I was fascinated by the world behind the veil and wanted to know more.


I wanted to study the German language but I didn’t believe in myself and never went for the exams. I took an alternate road and signed up for Tourism instead. Throughout my childhood I lived in fear that my parents would divorce or kill each other. The situation at home became worse and worse, but I still endured.


At the age of 22 I received a scholarship in Switzerland and reluctantly I went. This was the turning point in my life. I didn’t like Swiss people (at the time I felt that they had a funny accent) and I felt like I didn’t belong because I couldn’t speak their language. But after 2 years, I met my husband and we knew that we were meant to be together. It still wasn’t easy, but from that moment onwards I felt supported and loved to an extent that I never felt before.


After we married, we were blessed with a little girl who was tormented every night in her sleep with nightmares. Though this was a dark and confusing time with our daughter my husband and I became seekers which was the road that led me to my current path. We sought medical support and help and finally after 5 years the support we received came in the form of Family Constellation. We met a therapist who was working with Family Constellation and who change our lives.


Myra Maas – my mentor, teacher and beloved friend was the catalyst for me to wake up and take the call. And boy, I am so glad I did answer that call! It’s been 13 years since that first session I had with my daughter and my life changed entirely and our sleepless nights turned into restful slumbers.


From a shy, introverted girl I grew into a Group Facilitator and Teacher and I currently run a successful Holistic Practice where I support people in overcoming their darkest moments and find their light again.


I am a Holistic Transformation Coach and I work with many tools addressing the body, mind and spirit of my clients. And I am still a student – I think I will always be because there is so much to learn. From someone who didn’t particularly like school into the person I am now who loves learning and researching, the transformations have been extra-ordinary in my life and the lives of my clients. Even now, I am surprised at how much a person can change.


My work is my passion and the biggest joy I receive is when a client doesn’t need my services any more. My goal is to empower you, guide you to discover your true essence and to give you tools which you can use in daily life for your own personal transformation. I will make clear that YOU are the most important and the most amazing person in your life.


In Love and Joy,


Monika Wyss