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How Emotions affect our Health

It was known to the ancient healing techniques as well as to physicists a long time ago that everything is energy. And I mean – everything. All thoughts, emotions and physical bodies, as well as furniture or houses are energy. It is a different type of energy but it is still just energy.

We all are emotional beings and without emotions our life would be dull and boring. Of course we would prefer not to feel certain emotions like anger or sadness and just be all the time happy but I am pretty sure that living in a constant happiness would stop our growth as human beings. As we know the most painful experiences are the best teachers. How many people found their purpose in life after going through and challenging times? How many started to look beyond the known and ordinary because all they knew wasn’t working?

So “negative experiences” can be blessings in disguise. However once they are over we want to have peaceful and joyful life. But what if the past is still hunting us? What if the emotions that we felt during those events are still affecting us and we don’t even know it. We are usually very much aware how we feel but can we be sure that after the event is over all the emotional charge is gone as well? Not really.

Emotions are energy just as everything else. And this energy is invisible – we can’t see it, but we can feel it. The moment we stop feeling it we think that it’s gone. If we allow ourselves to express the emotion, the emotion is truly released. However if for whatever reason we can’t express or process this emotion (maybe because it is just too intense), it can become trapped in our body and distort the energy of our amazing beautiful body. Trapped emotion can be lodged anywhere: in our organs, bones or glands. It can distort the energy of the meridians and our chakras. If we don’t release them, they might cause health issues over time.

I have seen trapped emotions being underlying causes of pain, cancer or headaches. They are the cause of at least 95% of dis-eases. So many people are suffering from back pain, migraine or stomach issues and the doctors are puzzled because they can’t find any biochemical reason for it. And they usually don’t ask the patient about their lives, relationships and challenges. Maybe they should. Often going through a divorce, losing beloved person or just failing an exam can leave emotional scars that are not seen with our eyes but are still there. Let’s find them and release them once for all.

I am grateful to Dr. Nelson for putting up a system called Emotion Code, which deals exactly with those trapped emotions. It is so simple and easy to learn so that everyone can learn it in a short time. Using kinesiology (muscle testing) we are able to find trapped emotion that is causing a pain or distress and we can release this emotion using a magnet. It sounds simple and it is simple.

After I released a 200 feet thick Heart-Wall around my heart I felt much lighter, loving and open to other people. The Heart-Wall was built up of – you guessed it: trapped emotions – and many of them. Dr. Nelson mentioned in one of his webinars that a Heart-Wall prevents us from giving and receiving love as well as from success. I can really say that it is true. After the releasing my business slowly took off and it continues to grow. I feel eternally grateful for this tool, which became the quickest releasing method in my practice.

If you would like to experience Emotion Code session, contact me via email monika@monikawyss.com

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