Seeing is Freeing

11 years ago my father passed away. Just 2 months after we moved away 12’000 km from home. What a coincidence… The first thought I had was that he left because of me. Because he didn’t have anyone else who he felt close to. What a burden for a child – even thought the child was 32 years old…

It was like a second wake up call for me. I realized that our life can be so short so it’s better to live it right. As many of you know my first connection with Family Constellation and spiritual healing came though my daughter and it made me very curious. I started to learn and study but I stopped after we came to Malaysia.

The passing of my father brought me back onto my path. Countless books about anscention, DNA, Merkaba, Huna Healing couldn’t still my hunger.

Family Constellation did. The therapist who I went with my daughter in Switzerland was visiting Kuala Lumpur. As the Universe is just perfect in all the arrangements, she also visited my home in Shah Alam for few days. She couldn’t stop talking about the new developments in Constellations, about her workshops and how many people were already found help though this new approach.

And then she said: “Monika, this is the right thing for you. You should join the training in Family Constellation that I am offering this year”. I remember it was March when she came and the training was supposed to start in May. It was 3-years long course, happening in Switzerland and Germany and cost a small fortune. Having 2 still small kids, living in Malaysia and actually not really knowing what Constellations were, was a quite risky and expensive commitment from my side.

The Training was amazing and scary. It showed me my shadows, my weaknesses, my strengths. I discover potential that was always in me but I never looked. Before the course I looked away, blamed other people for my misery, especially my family.

During the course all I did was just looking …. And looking…. And looking. I didn’t want to fix anything for the first time in my life. I stopped seeing myself and my life as “broken”. I just looked and became free. No judgment, just acknowledgment of what was and what is brought peace for the fist time into my life.

I still remember the saying by Eckhardt Tolle: :Seeing is freeing” – I always said that this statement could have come from Bert Hellinger – father of Family Constellations – because it accurately describes the truth that we are blessed to experience in constellations.

If we look long enough without wanting to change anything from our past – we become free and at peace with whatever happened. This is what happened to me with regards to my father’s passing. And to many other events from my life.

Family Constellation Training has been the biggest gift in my life (after my family). I don’t know where I would be now without the experience and knowledge of FC.

My mission is to spread this knowledge, simple yet powerful and bring the freedom and peace to as many souls as possible.

And one way of doing so is to offer another Family Constellation Training beginning in July 2014 in Kuala Lumpur.

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