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Are you ready for joy, harmony and freedom? Each session is specially taylored to your needs. In a private setting, you can experience a one-to-one confidential session with Monika. She provides a safe space for all clients to share whatever they need to share while gently supporting them in acknowledging what is and bringing them back to a space of clarity and harmony.

Monika was a FEATURED Facilitator on Healer’s Library!

Here’s what they said: “Wow, Monika Wyss is the first Emotion Code Practitioner in Malaysia! Read our Spotlight with her and after you are done reading be sure to contact her for a session.”

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Monika offers:
– Holistic Transformation Coaching for individuals and couples
– Family and Business Constellation Workshops and private sessions
– Emotion Code sessions
– Body Code sessions
– Heal Your Life® Seminars and Coaching
– Family Constellation Certification Training

She is a certified Family Constellation Teacher,  Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner and Certified Transformation Coach.  She has been participating in this work since 2005 and has worked with clients internationally and locally in Malaysia, Singapore and China.


Eleni Sarantinou:

“Monika is an incredibly talented woman who demonstrates amazing professionalism and intuition.  She has supported me through, quite possibly, some of the most difficult areas of my life with grace and gentleness.  I highly recommend her services for anyone who feels they are lost, need direction or would just like a general clearing session.”


Jana Moreno ~

Global Ambassador for WeWorld Network

Founder of Wisdom Ink Magazine Online




Dr. Torsten Seeger:

“Family Constellations was indeed a great experience. At the beginning of the workshop I didn’t really know what to expect but I knew I was there for something amazing, and it was.

Throughout the day I couldn’t think of any situation or problem that I had that needed to be resolved, as I am constantly working on “internal healing”. However there was one thought that came to my mind and I realized that of all the healing I’ve done I have never worked in this particular area before, so I gave it a go and decided to work on my non-existent relation with my father. During my constellation different situations, that I wasn’t conscious, came up. It was amazing to see how my family was represented by people who were not aware of my family dynamics and still performing as my family does. Monika steered the constellation very calmly, professionally and drove the constellation to a “happy ending”; within 3 days I received a lovely email from dad saying how much he loves and misses me. These words felt as a healing balm…What it took him 43 years to say, it was said in 3 days after the constellation. Not only that but after Family constellation workshop I’ve seen many doors, openning.

I truly recommend Family Constellations to everyone; we all have something to work on. Thank you Monika for this incredible experience.”

S Smith, 2015


Beatrice Benard: